5 Surprising Ways to Summer School

5 Suprising Ways to Summer School

5 Suprising Ways to Summer SchoolHow can we make this summer different? How can we cover the gaps? How can we make up that course? How can I get a BREAK while the kids are still doing some learning? These are my questions this summer… I know –  I. NEED. A. BREAK.  – probably more than my kids need a break. In fact, just one week at home in utter silence sounds like the world’s best vacation plan…sigh.

I must say, when summer rolls around it’s mom that’s ready to check out. Yet, I know my kids need some continuity in the summer. They don’t do well spending three months not learning a thing. In fact, the gaps in their learning just get bigger if we don’t address them in the summer. So, I know I must… but that takes planning, time, and effort. All of which are on short supply since I’m mom, teacher, janitorial engineer, principal, event coordinator, pastor’s wife, and work at home. I’m sure you can commiserate!  Over the years, I’ve tried to develop easy ways to accomplish the task of meeting their needs and mine and thought I’d share them. I’m sure you’ve probably found ways that make it just as easy, and I hope you can share them here with me as well!

  1. This year we had gaps in social studies/history. I tried to brainstorm a way to cover those gaps yet still make it seem like summer vacation. I am using the Mystery of History for a jumping off point, making a time line, and then lining up movies (especially old “classic” ones)  that correspond to the subject matter we are studying. They are loving it! Netflix is a great way to find movies to add to your studies.
  2. Our youngest has a few multiplication families to finish memorizing – so I’ve downloaded several mobile apps and online multiplication games that give her plenty of practice.
  3. Vocabulary Spelling City has a fun online summer program that helps kids stay fresh on vocabulary and usage. There are loads of super fun games for each lesson… definitely a score in the fun department.
  4. Of course, reading is on the agenda this summer. What better way to spend a 98* hot summer afternoon than sitting inside and reading a great book! I’ve found some online literature games that are perfect for reviewing a book once it’s been read… (translate – more FUN for kids with review and practice that makes mom smile!)
  5. Handwriting is definitely an issue – as an amateur artist – I appreciate beautiful penmanship. I’m using a calligraphy course to help them get “interested” in making beautiful writing.

Just as a bonus – some of my kids are in need of writing help. The perfect version of a summer writing class is this 8 week intensive writing course. Best part – mom does nothing! (Well, except pay for it…)

Oh, and one more thing – if you are needing the full blown summer school, here is a great online summer school alternative. It’s challenging and engaging, but mom doesn’t have to stress over anything!

I know you home school moms have super ninja skills at figuring out ways to have fun learning during the summer… so PLEASE share them in the comments below!


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