5 Back to Home School Tips To Avoid the Crazies!

We’re all different, we’re all unique, and we are all precious in God’s sight. Yet, we all have different abilities, different strengths, and different lifestyles. Even within our niche of homeschooling, each of us has differing needs. From one mom homeschooling two children and teaching them every subject, to that mom (most often me) homeschooling MANY children and trying to work from home. Ability levels and time availability differs, but thank God there are amazing homeschool options that reach us in all our varying needs.

If you are just getting started for the first time… it may seem daunting. For many, it’s time to get the ducks in a row and get things rolling again. For us, we “loosely” homeschool through the summer, so we are just wrapping up the ABEKA math workbooks, Spelling City Spelling Lists, and Language Arts workpages we do as summer supplement. Right now, I’m reviewing what each of my current homeschooled children need this year; for some, it’s review on weak areas, for others, it’s augmenting a particular strength/gift in which they’ve really flourished.  Some of my children have learning disabilities while others are gifted. The huge blessing about homeschooling is that we can easily put together curriculum that meets every need! Flexibility is the name of this game! I can choose curriculum that doesn’t require me to teach 4 different grade levels or administer 20 or more different quizzes each day, or manage 4 different spelling lists each week. I’ve been there, that’s where crazy lives.

Choose simplicity… choose to educate your child

  1. Know your children. What is the best mode of learning for them?? Is it workbook? Is it auditory (lecture based)? Is it through technology/online? Find their key – that will make for a much easier process.
  2. Don’t focus on weaknesses – focus on their strengths. (Pet peeve – our culture focuses on fixing all the weaknesses while we neglect amazing ability.)  Of course, they need to learn their multiplication tables, but don’t make them do extra math when they don’t like it just because you want to them to become the best at math. It’s like puzzle pieces, if they don’t fit – DON’T JAM IT IN!
  3. Find a teaching method that works for both you and your children. There are so many different methods that include: Waldorf, Classical, Relaxed/Eclectic, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Unschooling, and School-at-Home.
  4. Find a Curriculum that is friendly to your family’s needs. Homeschooling’s fundamental tenant is freedom! When you decide what curriculum (or assortment of curricula) that you want to use, make sure that you have seen what it entails. For your homeschool to be a success (that includes mother and father SANITY) you must find a curriculum that works with your family, your life, and your schedule. Life can be so much more difficult if you choose a curriculum that doesn’t fit!
  5. ENJOY! Putting all of these tips into place will help to ensure that you actually enjoy homeschooling and don’t want to give your children away! At the end of the day, God has given us these particular blessings, and the responsibility for their growth in wisdom and stature is our responsibility. If something is causing you to be overwhelmed or to hate homeschooling – change things up! These children won’t be with you forever, it’s important to take precautions that will help you enjoy these days.

As you head back to school, you’ll have a lot to do… but find peace that God will lead you and direct you in this most honorable endeavor!

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