Homeschooling Astronomy How to Guide…

astronomyI love the study of the stars… there is just something so amazing about those planets and galaxies that seems so far away. What if I told you that you could make an awesome homeschool astronomy course for your family for FREE! Yep, and it’s so easy to do!

I wandered around the internet universe to gather this enticing information just for you!  This scientific subject is extremely interesting and has so much information that will really engage your children! Yet, I usually start our astronomy study with a little study of the most important planet… earth.  In fact, our science program wouldn’t be complete without a consistent stream of virtual field trips using Google Earth. With everything from resources to tips for educators Google Earth is definitely a tool that I couldn’t live without!

Astronomy is always a bit hit with our kids. They love seeing what life would be like on distant planets. This is a big part of what makes astronomy so interesting. Over at worldwide telescope you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to make an awesome virtual field that your kids will love!

The excitement doesn’t end there, because at Galaxsee you can form your own Galaxy, if you are text based learners here’s a free astronomy hypertext, NASA’s even  has an Astronomy 101 class that you can take for free, and at this link you’ll find some great  astronomical images and animations that will amaze you! This is really just the tip of the “galaxy” of resources that are out there. Once you get started studying the stars, you just won’t want to stop!

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