15 Summers, and this is what I’ve learned…

15 Summers and here's what I learned...So, I’ve had children in school for over 15 years now… and every summer the same question arises. What to do during the summer? I have to admit more information is out now about summer learning loss then there was back 15 years ago (when we walked to school barefoot through 10 ft of snow – just had to throw that in there).  The facts are clear that summer can really put a damper on your child’s progress. But, I’ve learned there are a few simple things that we can do to keep the “brain drain” away!

Did you know that it can take up to two months from the first day of school for a child’s brain development to get back on track?

Did you know that it takes 6 weeks in the fall to relearn old material?

Did you know that an average of 2 ½ months of math skills are lost during the summer?

Did you know that 2 months of reading skills are lost during the summertime?

Just these four reasons alone make it well worth the effort of adding some learning activities to our summer routine. Statistics also show that it only takes a little more than half an hour each week day (M-F) to banish summer learning loss. You don’t have to get all official, it is summer! Take it easy – but still engage those brains. Here’s a few simple ideas:

  1. Do something at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Crossword puzzle, card game, read aloud)
  2. Read a book – find some of your favorites and set them aside to read this summer. ( A great goal is 6!)
  3. Use a really fun online learning site. Set the timer for 30 minutes and BAM! you’ve exercised your brain for the day.
  4. On the go? Use an educational app to get a little drill and practice in – or even a logic game to get the gray matter pumping.

More ideas for first grade tutoring ideas and summer learning online.

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