10 Ways to Instill a Love for Learning

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Momschool way to instill (1)Don’t you wish that just once you might hear a child say, “I really really want to learn about that!” My children and the children that I’ve taught over the years will often get interested in learning something once it’s been presented or once I’ve piqued their interest with a cliffhanger. Yet, to just request to learn about something is rare. Too often learning competes with the allure of video games, cartoons, or movies. How do we get them to “love learning?”

  1. Remove distractions. Remember those things I mentioned that learning must compete with? Sure… remove them. Make them difficult to access or even think about (out of sight out of mind).
  2. Set goals. If you work together with your children to set goals for their learning… it will become not just your goals but their goals. If the learning goals are the child’s personal goals then the mindset of “having to learn” changes to “wanting to learn.”
  3. Reading. I know everyone says this… but reading really is the key to learning. Reading will pique a child’s interest where we cannot. A good book that talks about something that a child doesn’t know may cause that child to “want to” know!
  4. Explain the importance. “Knowledge is easy to him that understandeth” If a child understands why he must learn something, or the importance behind learning various subjects or concepts then it becomes relevant to them and their life!
  5. Interesting Subject Matter. Sometimes the problem with them wanting to learn boils down to what they are learning. If the subject matter is dry and dusty, the child will never want to explore and discover more about it. Present appropriate topics at appropriate maturity levels. Find them ways to learn that inspire them to learn. If you are homeschooling don’t just stick to the “book method.” There are loads of alternative ways to learn from online courses, to individualized writing help online.
  6. Exemplify a positive learning attitude. “More is caught than taught” is definitely a rule to live by. Our children/students see our example of wanting to learn as motivation. Talk with them about what you are learning. Instill in them a love for discovering new things by doing it yourself. Show them how exciting it can be… be a lifelong learner yourself!
  7. Encourage their discovery learning. If your child wants to learn about art give them every opportunity. Find them lessons, buy them equipment (within reason), and praise them when they make an effort.
  8. Praise them. As your students/children begin to seek knowledge, praise them. Tell them how proud you are that they looked up that information and found out why. Be supportive of their efforts in every way you can.
  9. Bribery. Yes, sometimes parents and teachers must fall prey to this basest of all motivators. Sure it sounds barbaric, but it works. Encouraging them with “When you finish studying that you can play out side.” Treats, playtime, whatever activity that the child enjoys the most will all be a reward for learning.
  10. Game learning. Don’t discount learning games from your arsenal of motivators. Educational games have been proven over the past decades to contribute to effective learning and motivate children to keep at it when other methods fail to work.
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