10 great Summer Home school Ideas

Summer ideas

Summer ideasNot everyone agrees about school in the summer. Even I don’t agree with myself sometimes… (that’s a problem, huh?) I don’t know about you, but when summer rolls around I really really need a break! So, typically our summertime is just that – a break for mom. However, the kids do keep their brains active each morning with a little work and review!

1) Our favorite – a light dose of learning with a small amount of Time4Learning every morning.

2) We usually take a full year to complete all our spelling lists… so summer just  continues on with their spelling lists over at Spelling City.

3) Sheppard Software is our all time favorite for getting those pesky states/capitals and countries memorized!

4) READ! Summer is perfect for reading, it’s like a picnic lunch for school. You can grab a book and take it anywhere – (ahem) like the pool!

5) Visit interesting or historical places to give a little summer field trip!

6) ART! I have some killer Pinterest boards, don’t you? Yet, I tend to neglect them when we are so busy with school during the year. So, the summer is a perfect time to try out some of those amazing experiments or art projects that you’ve been dying to get into!

7) Take nature walks – I love this one. Our church has 100 acres… and I’ve been dying to take the kids for a jaunt… if you don’t hear from me you’ll know we got lost! BUT – In the South, this has to take place early in the day or you’ll be miserable and covered with ticks.

8) Make a summer bucket list. Let all the kids give their input and ideas, and then literally put them all in a little $1 sand bucket. Draw one idea out each day and have a blast!

9) Take a bike ride!

10) Teach some valuable financial lessons by letting your kiddos run a lemonade stand! You’ll be surprised at what they learn.

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