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  • The College Degree Market Crash

    So, what’s up with college education these days? It’s obvious the price is going up, but the benefits are going down. It’s hard to swallow, but sadly true.  It’s common to pay out the nose for a college degree only to find out that even that doesn’t guarantee a good job in your field. What should […]

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  • 8 Ways to Make Back to School Easy Peasy!

    Make Back to School Easy

    It’s always tough trying to find your routine. Every year when we start back to school, it’s always a little rocky for the first few weeks. But, since most of us are creatures of habit once those new things become habit everything goes a bit more smooth. Everyone has “their way” of doing things, and […]

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  • 5 Back to Home School Tips To Avoid the Crazies!

    We’re all different, we’re all unique, and we are all precious in God’s sight. Yet, we all have different abilities, different strengths, and different lifestyles. Even within our niche of homeschooling, each of us has differing needs. From one mom homeschooling two children and teaching them every subject, to that mom (most often me) homeschooling […]

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  • Is Stress Contagious?

    Is Stress Contagious?

    It’s common at our house that when one of us gets a bit irritated the rest of us get snippy just for company. So, I’ve been reading alot lately on stress. What causes it and how it can affect not only ourselves but those around us. Interesting facts surround the classroom (which translates into my […]

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  • 15 Summers, and this is what I’ve learned…

    So, I’ve had children in school for over 15 years now… and every summer the same question arises. What to do during the summer? I have to admit more information is out now about summer learning loss then there was back 15 years ago (when we walked to school barefoot through 10 ft of snow – […]

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  • Absent without excuse

    Yes, I know – it’s been crickets around here for quite some time.  But, life has a way of sending floods on occasion instead of nice gentle showers. In the last few months we’ve sold our house and began the process of building a new home… and since Christmas have begun planning our oldest daughter’s […]

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  • Helpful Tips for Beginning to Homeschool Mid-Year

    Tree Math

    I’m assuming that you are thinking about homeschooling… maybe you’ve been discouraged with your children’s education for a long time… maybe you’ve just realized that things aren’t working. In any case… January is just as good a time to start as any!! …and from what I understand you can start homeschooling whenever you choose in […]

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  • Giving the Gift of Encouragement

    I think we all struggle with this. We get caught up in the mundane, the day to day… work, school, eat, sleep – repeat. We forget that we are molding and shaping – influencing the next generation with each word, each action. Encouragement – affirmation – praise are fundamental needs in our children’s lives. We […]

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  • Encouraging an Attitude of Gratitude

    Fall is one of the best times of the year, and not just because the weather begins to cool off and the leaves turn amazing colors. Fall is the time of year we turn our hearts toward deeper things, and actually focus on gratitude and thankfulness. I know it’s something that we should be focusing […]

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  • How not to Lose Your Focus in Life’s Chaos!


      Life can be crazy. Chaos happens. But, it doesn’t have to get your home school off track. With our family of 8 we’ve been through this many times. Sickness, moving, or life events can all cause a serious disruption of home school life. Yet, it doesn’t have to blur our focus from what’s important. […]